Time to Shine Agency has developed into one of the UK’s leading entertainment agencies for adults and children of all ages. We submit for all Stage, TV, Film & Modelling jobs in the UK and Internationally.

As two working mums, we set up our agency in 2015. Since then, we have worked hard (often into the small hours) to build a thriving agency and establish ourselves as a leading organisation within the creative/casting industry. We have a strong level of understanding from a parent’s perspective, which was gained from having our own children working in the industry, and can appreciate the level of commitment that it takes to gain success within!

We have worked with many leading brands, production companies, organisations & individuals etc. These include:  Musical Theatre Productions such as Thriller, The Snow Man, Matilda etc, Heathrow, NSPCC, Channel 4, West End Play Productions, Kellogg’s, Nike, Pinewood Studios, Sky, Various Music Artists, Disney, BBC and ITV etc to name only a few!

We also periodically run workshops, training days and casting director sessions and have achieved a low cost partnership with a well-known London photographic studio. This means our talent can benefit from gaining the most up to date knowledge, experience and headshots in order to feel confident about the ever evolving casting/booking process!

If you would like to make contact so that we can consider you or your child for representation, please do so here.

We are constantly looking to make contact and build on our existing portfolio of organisations and brands we can work with. Whether this is here in the UK or further afield internationally, we would warmly accept your invitation to do so.

If you are seeking talent of any age, ethnicity, talent, height or skill etc, we can help you and could allow access to our database once registered with us as a client. You will then be given your own personal log in details and can book our clients direct! Alternatively, you can send us your brief and we can very quickly send you options of our clients to choose from using our site!

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